Main Services :1st January 2023

Sunday 1st January: God lives in Love..We wish all people in this Parish, local area and wider community a happy new year. May the peace of Christ bring us good health in mind and body; and a a generous spirit to share this gift in 2023.

Sunday 1st January 2023-Sunday 8th January 2023 Sung Mass 11.00am

There are two main services during this week:

on Friday 6th January THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD Mass at 11.00am

and on Saturday 7th January Christmas feria Mass at 11.00am

Sunday 8th January 2023 THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD Sung Mass 11.00am

Main Servces :Christmas Week 25th December 2022- 1st January 2023

Monday 26th St Stephen Mass 10.30am

Tuesday 27th St John The Evangelist Mass 10.30am

Wednesday 28th Holy Innocents Mass 10,30am

Saturday 31st Seventh Day in the Octave (Old Year’s Day) Mass 11.00am

Friday 30th THE HOLY FAMILY Mass 8.00am

Sunday 1st January 2023

Dedicated to The Blessed Mother of God for the New Year


Advent IV

Sunday 18th December 2022

Today we keep the last Sunday of Advent

Parish Mass sung with choir at 11.00am

Outing to the Pantomime leaves St Chad’s at 1.30pm Children’s Tea & Hot Dogs in the Church Hall c.3.30pm

Children’s Benediction & Carols at c.4.15pm. Everyone is welcome

This is the last Sunday of Advent and another special day in the life of the church.

The church is sometimes called a pilgrim people. This description we hear often in the Eucharist and it’s Prayer. This pilgrim view of the People of God is so clearly understood in Advent. Not as a journey towards Christmas, but as a journey of faith in itself. Seeing within, the special glimpses, on the pathways of faith. One great gift already present is the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, celebrated again next week. God with us.

The Church has a special present for the Sunday Group and local children today with the outing to the Pantomime at Hoxton Hall. Please contact Loraine Miller or Nana Bannerman. (Whos Who)