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Sunday 16th  July 2023

15th  Sunday in Ordinary Time Yr. A  Psalter Wk 3

Sung Mass 11.00am

Good morning and welcome to our Mass today. I am grateful to Fr Peter Hudson for celebrating the Mass & preaching for us today  We have not been able to get a celebrant for the weekday Masses here this week, except Saturday morning.  However the parish is remembered daily this week by the Friars at the Shrine of St Francis.

Please take the Mass sheet with you. We can read the full gospel version of St Matthew in our own time and place. We recall that in churches throughout the world who celebrate Sunday Mass, this reading will be heard wherever we may be. In a small wayside chapel or a celebrated basilica. The call is the same. Jesus said: “Listen Anyone who has ears!”

Monday 17th Feria  

Tuesday Feria 18th

Wednesday 19th the Feria

Thursday 20th St Apollinaris Bishop & Martyr

Friday 21st Feria

Saturday 22nd St Mary Magdalene     Mass 11.00am   

Sunday 23rd      The Sixteenth Sunday Of The Year

Parish Mass at 11.00am

Clacton Trip on 10th August (Thursday) 9.00am outside the Premises studios Corner of Hackney Rd and Dawson St

Malcome Bass is looking after the bookings/reservations. List is up. Be early please

Sunday Services

Sunday 9th July 2023

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Yr. A

Sung Mass 11.00am

Good morning and welcome to our Mass today. There is Mass on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mass will be said in Assisi for the parish later this week by one of the Brothers of St Francis of Assisi.

The Readings today are full of hope. Hope, freedom and peace cannot be received free. There is always a cost and a sacrifice to own them, as the prophets taught. Even the humanist or the atheist will tell you that the cost of peace or freedom always asks something great of ourselves. For some Freedom means the cost of life and for others, if they even care enough, the cost of time and energy and the mind. Jesus Christ knew the cost of life and offers to share our daily crosses. Most may indeed be indifferent, yet the call to Life is there. Christ takes the burden of our cross upen himself freely, but our response must be whole hearted in love.

Monday 10th Feria

Tuesday 11th ST BENEDICT, Abbot, Patron of Europe   Mass 9.00am

Wednesday 12th Feria  Mass 10.30am

Thursday 13th   St Henry

Friday 14th St Camillus de Lellis

Saturday 15th St Bonaventure, Franciscan bishop Teacher,                                                                 A biographer of St Francis of Assisi         

Sunday 16th July     The Fifteenth Sunday Of The Year

Parish Mass at 11.00am  Mass will be celebrated with Fr Peter Hudson,

Assistant Curate at St Stephen’s Lewisham

Services from the 2nd July

Thirteenth Sunday Year A

Sung Mass 11.00am

Good Morning, Good People. I asked last week if anyone knew who these words are attributed to? Other than each of us to each other today. Good morning everyone and welcome to our parish Mass. Buon Giorno, Buona Gente are the words of St Francis, The Poor Man of Assisi  The mystic and saint. The poet and the disciple of Christ. When St Francis heard the words of today’s gospel he followed Jesus Christ literally and became a vagabond and preacher, starting the largest movement of men and women in the church of the Middle Ages, devoted to Christ, the Word of God. He left the life of possessions and jovial times to be a troubadour of Jesus Christ and singer of the Canticle of the Sun and many songs of the human heart that embraced the most needy of our world.

Please pray for the families of:

Ariah Vivinnie Morrison-Springer & Asiah Monique Morrison-Springer

Who were baptised here yesterday afternoon. May they be wholesomely prepared for Holy Communion, Confirmation, and live long and healthy lives.

Monday 3rd St Thomas, apostle Mass 9.00am

Tuesday 4th St Elizabeth of Portugal

Wednesday 5th St Anthony Zaccaria      Mass 10.30am

Thursday 6th Feria  

Friday 7th Feria

Saturday 8th Our Lady    Mass 11.00am         

Sunday 9th July     The Fourteenth Sunday Of The Year

Sung Mass 11.00am

Next Sunday 16th July  the  11.00am  Mass will be celebrated with Fr Peter Hudson,

Assistant Curate at St Stephen’s Lewisham

(There will not be Office of Readings and Lauds at 8.00am or WEEKDAY Masses this week only)