Sunday Parish Mass & Services

Sunday 20th August 2023

The Twentieth Sunday of The Year Yr.

Psalter/Daily Office Book Wk. 4

Sung Mass 11.00am

Good Morning and welcome to our Parish Mass. I was rather late in organising the Mass for Our Lady of The Assumption last Tuesday. In the event, people really did respond in a lovely way. First to those who helped with the liturgy. The readings, serving, music & singing; and helping me to clean the church beforehand. I was so grateful for even 10 minutes of your time. Getting the Hall ready was left to me! However, the food department was what came up trumps.(Not a word I like using these days!)

The preacher, Bro.Johannes Maertens CGS, spoke of the Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican and Protestant churches understanding of Mary, the Theotokos. He ended by quoting the Magnificat, the song of Mary. I wrote to thank him for his sermon. Back to the food department: the Orthodox Church provided the salad and sweet for us; the Catholic Church the cooking on the day, the Buddhist community provided the vegetarian and an Anglican some of the drinks!  Sharing food together and sitting together is one of Jesus Christ’s images of the Kingdom. Please always make time for one another, as the Lord makes time for us.

Monday 21st St Pius X, pope

Tuesday 22nd Our Lady

Wednesday 23rd St Rose                                   Mass 10.30am

Thursday 24th   ST BARTHOLOMEW, Apostle Mass 10.30am

(Celebrated Sunday at S Bartholomew’s Stamford Hll)

Friday 25thFeria

Saturday 26th Blessed Dominic of the mother of God     Mass 11.00am   

Next Sunday 27th August

The Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time Yr A Readings

6.00pm Sung Mass at S Bartholomew’s Stamford Hill with Garden Party Afterwards   Preacher: Fr David Lambert Vicar of St Matthias Stoke Newington

All welcome   See Notice:

The Assumption Mass 2023

Preacher: Brother Johannes Maertens from The Community of The Good Shepherd

15th August 7.00pm Refreshments afterwards

The picture: The Windstock Visitation of Mary & Elizabeth by Mickey McGrath

Permission from: The Tablet plc

Sunday Services

Sunday 13th August 2023

The Nineteenth Sunday of The Year Yr. A  Psalter/Daily Office Book Wk 3

Sung Mass 11.00am

Good Morning and welcome to our Parish Mass. The summer months at our church show so many different variations of light. Early on the light streams through the East Window above the High Altar and Tabernacle. When we come to the eleven o’clock Mass, the sun, (when shining)! Streams through the window at the side of the High Altar then after Mass usually through the South Aisle of the Nave. However, it is around 5pm onwards that the church really looks it’s best. The Light through the West Window show the whole church changing to a red colour in the summer months, and in the winter sunshine, it can also show it a warm rusty colour. I expect the architects of old had to consider the sunlight and natural light before they built their altars and naves and side chapels.

When we read the scriptures, especially the first reading today and dear old Elijah, maybe we are reminded how close our ancestors were to nature and how they felt close. How they sensed the Divine presence in the nature, even the harsher elements. Today we are more likely to experience ‘nature’ on the news. So often connected to fire or flood rather than the gentle breeze of the Book of Kings. However, when reading on in this passage the image isn’t quite so tranquil as just the ‘presence’. We will have more reflections on this in our discussions on the environment and at Mass.

Monday 14th St Maximillian Kolbe, OFM. Conv.  Priest & Martyr of Auschwitz

Tuesday 15th THE ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY  Sung Mass 7.00pm    Preacher at Mass: Brother Johannes Maertens from the Community of The Good Shepherd

Refreshments / supper after Mass in The Hall

Wednesday 16th Feria  Mass 11.00am

Thursday 17th Feria

Friday 18th Feria

Saturday 19th Our Bl Lady      Mass 11.00am   

Next Sunday 20th August

The Twentieth Sunday Of The Year    Parish Mass at 11.00am

Benediction 4.00pm

Week Starting 6th August 2023

Sunday 6th August 2023

The Transfiguration of The Lord Yr. A  Psalter Wk 2

Sung Mass 11.00am

Good Morning and welcome to our Parish Mass. Today we keep the feast of The Transfiguration of The Lord. The Transfiguration is always kept on the 6th August each year. It is one of the special days in the church’s year that we have a memorial of here. Along with some saints and events (The Baptism of Jesus), we have a stained glass window dedicated to the Transfiguration located in the side chapel. It is not by chance that James Brookes the architect here placed it between the scene of Calvary and the Resurrection, as today’s gospel narrative describes. It is a story of our lives too. Often positioned between The Cross and The Glory. Seeking always the balance to follow Christ; through and in the Cross of Life.

Monday 7th feria Eighteenth week of the Year 1

Tuesday 8th St Dominic, priest

Wednesday 9th St Theresa Benedicta of the Cross   Mass 11.00am

Thursday 10th St Lawrence, Deacon & Martyr

Friday 11th St Clare of Assisi, Religious

Saturday 12th St Jane Frances de Chantel, Religious     Mass 11.00am   

Sunday 13th August

The Nineteenth Sunday Of The Year

Parish Mass at 11.00am

Clacton Trip on 10th August (Thursday) 9.00am outside the Premises studios Corner of Hackney Rd and Dawson St   The coach will leave on time