The Readings at Mass: 

Sunday 16th April 2023 

The Second Sunday of Easter 

Sung Mass 11.00am

The Acts of The Apostles

It is interesting to note which items Luke felt were outstanding features of the Christian life. He emphasises very strongly the fact that they should form a community, centred on the Eucharist, which he describes as the breaking of bread. Within this community, the aim should be the well-being of all, rather than the prosperity of the individual. For Luke, there was evidently no such thing as a ‘private Christianity’, i.e. religious practice which did not include as an essential, responsibility for others.

The First Letter of St Peter

The letter itself was written to Christians living is now mostly north-eastern Turkey, to encourage them in their new-found Christianity. The trials by which they are being ‘plagued’ were probably not organised persecution but the difficulties of living in a hostile environment. This is something that many followers of Jesus Christ experience today in very hostile countries.

The Gospel of John

We will hear something of this in the homily today. The closing words of today’s gospel are a reminder that we are members of a community that does not just live by sight and knowledge alone, but by faith. This is by commitment beyond proof, which is the greatest test of love.

Alleluia Alleluia & Praise be Jesus Christ

Mass this week.   Monday 17th April Mass 9.00am

                                 Wednesday 19th April: Mass 10.30am    St Alphege Bishop & Martyr

                                Saturday 21st April   Mass     10.30am     St Anselm, Bishop  & Doctor


Sunday 23rd April 2023   Easter III      Sung Mass with choir 11.00am

 Annual Meeting (APCM) afterwards