Sunday 17th September 2023

The Twenty Fourth Sunday of The Year Yr. A 

Psalter/Daily Office Book Wk. 4

Sung Mass 11.00am

Good Morning and welcome to our Sunday Mass today. The message of forgiveness is again repeated. Isn’t this the continual call of the church’s liturgy to every generation? If we seek renewal, it means shedding of resentments. The gospel of course goes the extra mile, and then more! Forgiveness is a grace, and freely given. The cost? No cost. The second-gift,  in the teaching of Jesus Christ, the clear call for humility. True humility in being close to our beginning and our final inescapable destiny. To have this perspective is to see the image of Christ in the world as a final end to all conflict.

                                             Requiescat in Pace

We are sorry to announce the death of Mr Rahman Michael Salami who was found on 2nd September 2023 at home. (Aged 86)

Also of Mrs Alice Deadman who died on Thursday 7th September 2023at the Homerton Hospital. The Last Rites and Anointing on Tuesday 5th.  (Aged 97)

A candle for both Raphael and Alice is burning in the Shrine of our lady of Walsingham and in our Lady Chapel here.

Monday 18th Feria

Tuesday 19th St Januarius, Bishop & Martyr

Wednesday 20th St Andrew KimTae-gon & Companions, Martyrs           Mass 10.30am

Thursday 21st St Matthew, Apostle & Evangelist

Friday 22nd feria  

Saturday 23rd St Pio of Pietrelcina, (Padre Pio) Friar & Priest    Mass 11.00am   

Next Sunday 24th September

The Twenty Fifth Sunday of the Year    Parish Mass at 11.00am