Sunday 21st January 2024

Sung Parish Mass 11.00am

(The Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Yr. B)

Thank you for staying back last Sunday after Mass. It was good to hear everyone’s comments and questions to the Churchwardens. This follows their meeting with Bishop Jonathan. I think we were all gratified to hear Malcome and Matthew’s words of warmth & encouragement from The Bishop of Fulham.

Now is the time, as was said last week, for people to pull together; especially over the next few months. People will need encouraging here. St Chad’s has a great opportunity to welcome others and be renewed in its own mission.

People know what to. They have the gifts to do what is needed. It is a work that will be amply rewarded here and now. We have Christ’s spirit with us even more than ever at this time of renewal. Each and everyone have always been valued here, now each one can share the gift they themselves were given. I know you will try your very best.

Monday 22nd    Feria           

Second Week in Ordinary Time Yr. II of The Daily Missal and Week 3 of Daily Prayer Books.

Tuesday 23rd       Feria

Wednesday 24th    St Francis de Sales     Mass 10.30am

 The Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity ends tomorrow.     (18th-25th January every year)

Thursday 25th    THE CONVERSION OF ST PAUL, APOSTLE     Mass 10.30am

Friday 26th     Sts Timothy & Titus, Bishops                   

Saturday 27th Our Lady   Mass 11.00am

Sunday 28th      Sung Parish Mass 11.00am      Fourth Sunday Year B

                                    Buffet and Music after Mass from 1pm

Thank you to those who have kindly offered to bring some fresh food to share on the 28th January after Mass  There is a list if you might be able to add and item please.  In the small lobby on the blue board. Thank you.