Sunday 31st December 2023

The Seventh Day of Christmas dedicated to The Holy Family

Sung Mass 11.00am

Thank you to all who helped in any way to make the Christmas Festival at Mass a good one.

We are grateful to all who throughout the year have given their time and talent to keep this church a warm and welcome place for us all. It is by being present, (a good word for Christmas) that we will continue to make it so. I was much encouraged by our Bishop’s own words to me few days before Christmas. He too wishes and intends to see this church flourish with the parishes of The See of Fulham. Please make time and put our usual devoted love for every Sunday Mass and Holy Communion here.

 We pray today for those who struggle at Christmas, especially in our own parish.

We are grateful that today and throughout 2023 that the Fellows Court Community Centre has been able to open.

This is due to volunteers who assist at Idia’s Community Kitchen who occupy the Fellows Crt. centre. The pracrical help and donations from St Chad’s has been particularly noticed this year; especially when we have so much going on in our own corner of the parish.

To paraphrase some words of Bishop Weston on our Website Home page: We have our Mass, our Sacraments and our Tabernacles, our Priests and Parties. Let us not forget those who may need the comfort of friendship and welcome of our church here. Go out to them too. And meet them as Christ.

A Happy New Year from the Vicar