Sunday 7th January 2024       The Epiphany of The Lord

Sung Parish Mass 11.00am

We are grateful to all who, throughout the year past, have given their time and talent to keep this church a warm and welcome place for us all.  I know you were all again encouraged by our Bishop’s own words to me few days before Christmas. He too wishes and intends to see this church to continue to flourish with the parishes of The See of Fulham. Please make time every Sunday for Mass and Holy Communion here. We have to accept some hardships and the cross for our faith. Our journey of faith in the world was never going to be an easy one. The church is here in people as Christ’s Sacrament in the community and the world.

 We pray today for those who struggle at Christmas, especially in our own parish. This church on the corner of Dunloe Street and Appleby Street must remain a sign of God’s welcome to all who call upon us. The light over The blessed Sacrament reminds us of this.

Thank you to all who helped in any way to make the Christmas Festival at Mass a good one. Welcome to our Mass of The Epiphany today. This day is kept as a special re-telling of the visit of the Wise Men from the East. Most of us now see the scene of Bethlehem through the lens of a journalist’s camera. Above in the sky we see missiles and drones; no room for a Star in a universe blighted by war.

Yet we are still called to follow that Star, not to a lovely looking church crib and nice singing and smiles; but to accompany people in places of darkness, insecurity and danger. Precisely what the visitors from the East found. So much so that the gospel records them having to make their return more like an escape. The grips of evil were around them then, as it is today in a world chasing the stars of war.

Monday 8th The Baptism of The Lord  Solemnity  Mass 10.30am

Decorations should be removed today.

Tuesday 9th    Feria    The First Week in Ordinary Time Yr. II (Daily Prayer Wk. 1)

Wednesday 10th Feria    Mass 10.30am

Thursday 11th Feria     Mass 10.30am

Friday 12th St Aelred of Rievaulx, Abbot  Mass 10.30am

Saturday 13th St Hilary, Bishop & Doctor of The Church   Mass 11.00am

Sunday 14th The Second Sunday in Ordinary Time  (Daily Prayer Week 2)

                                           Sung Parish Mass  11.00am          

There is a short meeting of the Parochial Church Council after Mass  

Please keep the time free for just half an hour to sit at the table.