Sunday Bulletin

                     18th  June 2023   11th Sunday in Ordinary Time YrA 

                                            Sung Mass 11.00am

What with Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Trinity & Corpus Christi it is a bit of a relief to be back in Ordinary Time again. It is a shame they didn’t think of anything a bit more poetic than ordinary time.

These ‘green’ Sundays go on now until Advent. With a few big festival days thrown in. There an old saying, Time Flies. How true. The early church had this in mind when the first mission was sent to witness to the gospel and the Lord’s teachings.

What phrase means most to you in today’s gospel reading at Mass?  Or in the first reading from Exodus..Or St Paul to the Romans? One thing is for certain it is not the worthiness of the person that brings forth God’s love. It is the overwhelming love of God that chooses us not for anything we do, but because of the immensity of that Love.

Monday 19th Feria

Tuesday 20th St Alban Protomartyr

Wednesday 21st St Aloysius                                       Mass 10.30am

Thursday 22nd St John Fisher & St Thomas More   Martyrs

Friday 23rd St Ethelreda (Audrey) Religious

Saturday 24th THE NATIVITY OF ST JOHN THE BAPTIST                             Mass 10.30am     

                                                        Sunday 25th June

The Twelfth Sunday Of The Year

Parish Mass at 11.00am