Sunday Sheet

Sunday 12th November 2023

The Thirty Second Sunday of the Year

Hoxton Station Memorial  10.55am

Sung Mass 11.20am

Yr. A in the lectionary or Missal

Good Morning and welcome to our Remembrance Mass today. After Communion today we will say the Prayer of Pope S John XXIII’s for Peace.

Monday 13th Feria    Mass 9.00am Daily Prayer   Wk 4  

Tuesady 14th Feria Mass 9.00am

Wednesaday 15th St Albert the Great  Bishop & Doctor  Mass 10.30am

Thursday 16th St Edmund of Abingdon, Bishop

Friday 17th   St Hilda,  Abbess Mass 10.00am

Saturday 18th  Our Bl Lady                                                   Mass 11.00am

Sunday 19th   November    33rd Sunday Yr. A       Parish Mass 11.00am         

                                         Psalter & Daily Prayer  Week 1