Sunday & Weekday Services

Sunday 5th November 2023

The Thirty First Sunday of the Year Yr. A  Psalter

Daily Prayer Book Wk. 3

Sung Mass 11.00am

Good Morning and welcome to our Sunday Mass today. Thank you to those who so kindly helped get the church cleaned up the Saturday before Alice and Mary’s Funeral. Alice knew Mary Komur and the children, and always asked after them and prayed for them. It is a consolation; I do not say a blessing, that their respective Services fall on such special days in the church’s calendar.  May some of their good wholehearted spirit remain in this house of prayer. Thank you to those who helped me on the day.

We continue to echo the call for an ending to the hostilities in the Middle East. Our prayers, actions and voices go out to all who suffer and are suffering in that region today.

After Communion today we will say the Prayer of Pope S John XXIII, for Peace.  In Pacem in Terris, A letter he wrote to ‘All people of good-will’, he calls for Peace on Earth. Pope Francis, today, is imploring the same end to the terrible hostilities in Israel, The West Bank & Gaza and beyond.

 Monday 6th November                   Mass 9.00am   feria     Psalter/Daily Office Book Wk. 3      

Tuesday 7th St Willibrord, bishop

  1. Wednesday 8th    feria                Mass 10.30am  

Thursday 9th Ded of Lateran Basilica   Mass .9.00am

Friday 10th   St Leo The Great, Pope & Doctor

Saturday 11th St Martin de Tours         Mass 11.00am 

( A Two Minute Silence before Mass)

Next Sunday 12th November

The Thirty-first Sunday of the Year  12th NOVEMBER   Daily Prayer Week 4  

                          Parish Mass at 11.20am   REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY

                 Railwaymen’s memorial Cenotaph, Hoxton Station, 11.00am