The Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Yr B

14th January 2024

Sung Parish Mass 11.00am

There is a short meeting of the Parochial Church Council after Mass  

Please keep the time free for just half an hour to sit at the table.

WELCOME TO OUR MASS TODAY.  This is our Second Sunday Mass of 2024. It is good to note that some familiar words we say each Sunday and Week-day at the Eucharist are taken directly from the Gospel. Today is one example: Look, this is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the World.   Or another is the Roman Soldier whose servant was sick: Lord, I am not worthy that you should come to my home (under my roof), but sonly say the word, and my servant may be healed. When we can’t get to Mass sometimes, we might use some of the words for ourselves, and for the world so in need of good kinder words; and of the Saviour, Jesus of Nazareth. My Lord and my God.

Monday 15th   Feria             Mass 10.30am

Second Week in Ordinary Time Yr. II of The Daily Missal and Week 2 of Daily Prayer Books.

Tuesday 16th Feria               Mass 10.30am

Wednesday 17th Feria        Mass 10.30am

 The Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity takes place between 18th-25th January every year

Thursday 18th Feria          

Friday 19th St Wulstan                        Mass 10.30am

Saturday 20th St Sebastian Martyr   Mass 11.00am

Sunday 21st      Sung Parish Mass  11.00am      Third Sunday  Year B

Thank you to those who have kindly offered to bring some fresh food to share on the 28th January   There is a list if you might be able to add and item please.   No names needed. In the small lobby on the blue board. Thank you.