This Week starting 8th January 2023

Sunday 8th January 2023

                      Sung Mass of The Baptism of The Lord 11.00am

Our Lord Jesus Christ begins the Ministry

So Christmas and the New Year holiday has drawn to its close and we begin the time of 2023. We have grown rather used to unexpected events and happenings being sprung into life around haven’t we? Especially those unexpected events these last two to three years have made the world and even local communities less secure and more unpredictable. As we journey with the Magi to see the Christ-Child let us continue to seek. ‘Faith seeking understanding’ St Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109) A treasure to share.

Today Christ’s Baptism is the Father’s blessing on his life, and a call to us to become at one with God’s Spirit. As we follow the life of Jesus Christ in His Ministry, we pray for peace and reconciliation. As we approach the altar today, those gifts are given to us once again.

The Season of Christmas ends

Monday 9th January   feria    Psalter week 1                                            Mass 9.00am

 Community Kitchen Open from 10.00am. Community Centre, Weymouth Terrace. Other food outlets on our Outside Notice Board

 Tuesday 10th January    feria   

Wednesday 11th January                                                                                         Mass 10.30am                      

Thursday 12th January   St Aelred of Rievaulx                             

 Friday 13th January    St Hilary Bishop & Doctor                  

Saturday 14th January     Our Blessed Lady                                               Mass 11.00am 


Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


PCC after Mass today please