Prayer, Ministry and Outreach

Jesus taught us To pray continually and never lose heart: St Luke’s Gospel. Chapter 18.

St Chad’s is a parish church in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England. This is a tradition that is often described as ‘Anglo-Catholic’. Prayer is a part of the sacraments; especially Mass. The Ritual is only there to express faith in the sacraments. There were many parishes established in the East End and elsewhere in large cities that grew then from the Oxford Movement. Some went hand in hand with Religious Communities of women who ministered in some of the most deprived and intensely populated towns and cities. (cf:( These parishes were to re-establish the Eucharist (Mass) as a means of placing all the sacraments at the forefront of their social outreach and mission. The Real Presence of Jesus Christ was acknowledeged on the altar and in the people.The Anglo-Catholic worship tended to move away from a largely ‘word’ orientated service. Their emphasis was the ‘visual’ and incarnational in style and theology. Jesus said: ‘I have come that you may have life, and life in abundance’. (John.10.10) .We try to build on, and revitalise that vision for our generation. Even in these days of ‘livestreaming’, catholic parishes put the emphasis on our communal and tangible presence at the sacraments. Personal prayer & daily meditation is centred through the community Celebration of the Eucharist, the summit of our own prayer.

The Lady Chapel is used by some Christian Orthodox visitors and has some beautiful Icons that were donated. A candle burns there daily for Peace on Earth. Especially at this time in the Ukraine and in Gaza and the Middle East.

Elders / seniors

St Chad’s is proud to host a thriving community of senior parishioners. Our elders provide a true backbone of experienced support to the wider community. They also co-ordinate and enjoy a rich and rewarding calendar of social events. From residential retreats to seaside trips, days away to live music gigs, coffee mornings and fund raising parties.

Seated is Ronald Miller who we all miss very much. (Ron died in July 2021, strengthened with Anointing and the Last Sacraments). A POW in Korea. He is here sporting War medals remarked on by HRH Prince Philip! See news

This picture was taken at the Maundy Service in York Minster. Read Ron’s story as told by the Hackney Gazette in 2017.

Sunday school

We have a thriving Sunday school that welcomes children from diverse backgrounds, from pre-school to teen years. (Before the Covid19 Pandemic) The children-led teaching style offers excellent pastoral guidance, living the gospel, together with bible studies, preparation for the sacraments, through a variety of mediums tailored for each age group.


All teachers and the clergy complete full Church of England and national safeguarding requirements. This is essential to our work here and the trust of over two decades of unbroken children’s work. Two of those ‘children’ are now volunteers.Parental attendance is always encouraged. The Parochial Church Council keep safeguarding as a priority item at every meeting ( November 2023)


Our parish is blessed with a large local youth population. Our urban youth often recount how St Chad’s offers an oasis of calm and simplicity a welcome alternative to an often complex life stage.

A variety of training and personal development opportunities are available for our youth, as well as events and social gatherings.

Choir & music

St Chad’s resident organist Adam inspires and rouses our congregation for the 11am Sunday Mass. Jordan, Adrian and others beautifully lead our congregation in the liturgy & hymns.

We are always keen to promote new recruits and warmly welcome visitors. Goodwill is more important than ‘good tones’!

Other community service

Opportunities to serve our parish community are abundant. From national charity events co-ordinated and delivered locally to fetes and BBQs. We love to live the gospel in our community outreach services. An example locally is St Mary’s Secret Garden, Pearson Street) who are always seeking regular volunteers. Also St Joseph’s Hospice in Mare Street. (Both have websites for their details) National DBS requirements apply.