Who’s who

We are in an interregnum, meaning that we are in between vicars. Worship continues as usual with priests holding Mass on Wednesdays at 10.30am and Sundays at 11am. Do get in touch with the churchwardens to check.

Churchwardens 2024–25

Mr Malcolme Bass
020 3417 6318 (Home)
07539 830135 (Mobile)

Dr Matthew Cheeseman m.cheeseman@stchadhaggerston.org.uk

Parish Secretary and Legal Adviser
Ms Loraine Miller

Ms Tifwilenji Luwe-Cheeseman

Safeguarding & DBS Check
Ms Loraine Miller

Ms Elsie Kumah

Children’s Advocate
Ms Nana Bannerman

Mr Adam Taylor

Readers at Mass Claudina Greenaway, The Kumah Children, Matthew Cheeseman, Rachel Boston, Yoofi Bannerman, Josh Potter and others. Volunteers are encouraged to come along for some reading aloud in public and practise on Saturdays and before Mass.

Mr Adrian Ballhatchet

Altar Servers Co-ordinator
Mr Yoofi Bannerman

Sunday Social
Mrs Linda McCarthy

Hall Hire
Mr Malcolme Bass: 07539 830135