Who’s who

Unless otherwise stated, please make contact via our parish phone number:

020 7613 2229

Father James Westcott

Churchwardens 2023-24
Mr M.Bass Tel: 020 3417 6318

Mr M. Cheeseman Tel: 07765 834856

Parish Secretary and Legal Adviser
Ms Loraine Miller

Mr Andrew Potter

Safeguarding & DBS Check
Ms Loraine Miller & Church Council (P C C)

Children’s Advocate
Ms Nana Bannerman

Mr Adam Taylor

Readers at Mass Caudina Greenaway, The Kumah Children, Matthew Cheeseman, Rachel Boston, Yoofi Bannerman. Volunteers are encouraged to come along for some reading aloud in public practise on Saturdays and before Mass.

Mr Adrian Ballhatchet

Altar Servers Co-ordinator
Mr Yoofi Bannerman

Sunday Social
Mrs Linda McCarthy

Hall Hire
Parish Office: 020 7613 2229 Or Mr Malcolme Bass: 07539 830135

Idia’s Community Kitchen

Mrs Aiena Omo-Bare (07305 765386)